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good lord you guys still make this. Praise you people!

Its so amazing to see this series and there is always so much in it. Story, character and the sheer work and effect from overdrawing some times everything is so good. I wish i could make something up on the spot to express how happy i am but i sort of fall short here... Its just really enjoyable and worth a lot...

To bad your game got removed though. I was sharing it and noticed it was no longer there the reward the game. But still it was fun and hoping to see more of this series. Its stands out for good reasons!

This is some old stuff. Well new and a good parody of some really old episode XD It was good. The show and the jokes you did.

Just to bad yu-gi just turned to the card game. There was something fun about those gambles and dickish yet clever moves sometimes. (no sound game, ice palate and dynamite on the grill, the drink and the lighter and of course just the traditional card game of the show)

Good job

Interesting. But still D-day was a rip of. It was a bitch in history.

Americans had there big offence there and it was truly important in history. But well the americans were the loser on short term of that battle. They were promised cover from the bombing of previous planes. They got there no cover on a beach and then the planes were ready to drop... And shit kept pilling T_T Probably not even half of what landed there actually survived and it was from drowning for almost all of them. So much to say...

Your thing is interesting. Just so inaccurate. At some point in the war the soldier even stopped bothering learning there partners name. because the next morning there going to replace him if not you! and you lost points for animation considering quality and that most of it wasn't really from you, but from real images.

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I am sorry but this is an idle very poor reproduction of the symboles of mud and blood 2. Also why is there no basic soldiers or really basic things? I guess its ok but again I recomend more Mud and Blood 2 too those who try this game.

The actuall game that probably inspired this idle...

Beated it Under 10 minutes. It was really a fun game! Its must be hard on some since there are very few information. But its not a ''miracle'' just logically prioritize and you can get pretty far actually. Its a good concept.

Nice graphics, and the noise ambiance was ok. It was nicely elaborated. (The only thing I found bad was me trying to interact with crew for like 3 min) They don't look on things you already did badly.

I was so happy to learn my favorite game was on new ground!

Then I sadly got disappointed I play the version on congregate and its a few patches ahead...

I was so looking forward to it, but there is just no point for me to stick here to this version with less escapes... or gameplay styles

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Damn its been so long since I did a review for your stuff. Feels nostalgic.

Feels nice. Sadly no further comments or poetry at this moment. Only higher grade grammar.

Wasting life on science.
Wasting life in the joy
A small defiance
An obsession we enjoy

Competitive to find the info. We all want to find the solution and solve every problem ourselves. And yet we can't help be feel joy in people figuring out the solution to. An obsession for knowledge that might never be answered. Its never going to end and there is not enough of a life for it... But research is only one of those dose that fills that itch... I couldn't help it makes me think to much... Yet words fail me. I'd need hours, days! But i'll summarize it in a way you can understand and is partially satisfying. Its good.

XD Happy 2018 And good luck wherever you are right now.

Cool. Well its important to set rules in life for one self. Build your vision of the world and act according to it.

A fun quote I know from the animation Shin Chan: A man as honor and a penis

My understanding or opinion from that is well: if you don't have honor your a dick.

Well its kind of hard explaining my full opinion or mind on it... Or if it would even be for the best or worth saying...

Any way politeness is important, but it shouldn't control your whole life. We change and adapt. If the rules don't work a revolution happens. Its how the human world worked and probably will continue. But remember. If you have to courage to say no remember to pick up the courage to chose. What must be done must be done without procrastination. If you say no just to end in a stalemate with your life it would be a waist.

Live without regret nor shame. Look for what you need, what you want and don't give up. Its an hard task. But it is a rewarding way of life in the end.

... And interesting set of words now that I re heard a part... ''Installed a door knowing you were coming?''

DreamForecast responds:

Yup, agreed!
And yeah, haha... there was a line in there like that...

Hehehe this is a maze!
Filled with data crushing us
We can only stand and gaze
Trying to not make a fuss

The stream seems random
Its a mystery, how it work.
But it all fits in tandem!
I guess its one of its perk.

Perfect for dramatic unveiling tune. Playing with lights and using this music really makes it awesome and want to waist your time doing it. ( I was doing it to get projector feel aiming the bookshelf and unraveling) Its better then it sounds.

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Interesting model for the outfits and a nice style. But the real reason i will comment is that posture and expression. Trying to figure out what conversation would lead to those eccentric moves from the guy on the left... Or on the right for us.

Happiness and random joyful moves, a eureka or you got it right expression, a this guy pose and I can keep going. So hard to tell yet the only thing that matters is it seems like one of those moments you immortalize by mistake with a picture. (yes I noticed the description, But letting a mind run wild on it before the answer is better)

Nice. Thought Strapping yourself in lights is an odd idea. Still it works with the theme so all works out in the end.

Happy new year to you smaug. Ahead of time.

SmaugTheTerrible responds:

Thanks a lot.))) Happy New Year!

Yet its still not enough
A wrong cannot be gone.
We must hold our gruff

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