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Locksmith Locksmith

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Cool. Well its important to set rules in life for one self. Build your vision of the world and act according to it.

A fun quote I know from the animation Shin Chan: A man as honor and a penis

My understanding or opinion from that is well: if you don't have honor your a dick.

Well its kind of hard explaining my full opinion or mind on it... Or if it would even be for the best or worth saying...

Any way politeness is important, but it shouldn't control your whole life. We change and adapt. If the rules don't work a revolution happens. Its how the human world worked and probably will continue. But remember. If you have to courage to say no remember to pick up the courage to chose. What must be done must be done without procrastination. If you say no just to end in a stalemate with your life it would be a waist.

Live without regret nor shame. Look for what you need, what you want and don't give up. Its an hard task. But it is a rewarding way of life in the end.

... And interesting set of words now that I re heard a part... ''Installed a door knowing you were coming?''

DreamForecast responds:

Yup, agreed!
And yeah, haha... there was a line in there like that...

Ares- FREDS's Theme Ares- FREDS's Theme

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hehehe this is a maze!
Filled with data crushing us
We can only stand and gaze
Trying to not make a fuss

The stream seems random
Its a mystery, how it work.
But it all fits in tandem!
I guess its one of its perk.

Perfect for dramatic unveiling tune. Playing with lights and using this music really makes it awesome and want to waist your time doing it. ( I was doing it to get projector feel aiming the bookshelf and unraveling) Its better then it sounds.

Meet Francis Meet Francis

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Mhh this is an awesome music. But are you sure you got the spelling right? I mean Francis is a boys name. Well it might be used for both, but I heard it has a different sounding or something. So yea... This is majorly creepy since I know 12 guys called Francis.

Its a good music, but isn't it to slow for rock? I don't know my music types that well like what is pop, but that is not rock. So label them a little more carefully in the future and keep up the good work.

PS: Found it! It should probably be Frances for girls. You've been using the boy version of this unisex name. The origin of Francis in Latin means free man. Frances word origin would mean from France. This is why there is a difference.

Semaphore responds:

Thanks, changed it.

And to the genre .... I just saw Rock/Pop because I think it's more like a modern instrumental Pop song with rock drums in it because I did go through all my drum samples and picked the 80's rock drums cause I liked them most ;)

Titan Titan

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well done... Its rater slow at picking it up, but I picture this music as a vast plain with a being (probably a titan since the name of the song) that just passes a mountain or just start moving and taking form. The best was the transition 1:08 Its a good effect and I becomes even better when we actually picture it in ower minds!

The only problem I have with this song is the length. Its to long and repeats to much. It could have been done in 1 min or maybe 1 min 45 sec. Its good, but again its ''cinematic'' it brings an image.
Its ok to make it long, but at least some small changes would be in order if that is the case. Don't retake the whole sliding from one side to another. You move on in that direction or you change the perspective or sound.

Cinematic music is a tune that unfolds. This is why its great in actual movie to give an extra feel to the sight or other.

Its really well done ,but keep in mind that it felt repetitive every now and then.

Outer Space Is A Mystery Outer Space Is A Mystery

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Space is vast...
It as also a deep past...
It doesn't matter if were fast
It will take time to see the contrast

Space is a mistery?
Why is it not a philosophy?
A space left empty
For many century

Yet its a bit early
To give a real impression
When the zone seems blurry
First we need the right question

This Is Real (ID WiP) This Is Real (ID WiP)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is real
Kneel to the ideal
Its a new age of steel
Trust me, those toys aren't for appeal.

This march of crushing weight.
Its innate and rise the heart rate.
An unstoppable determination .
Resonating like a vocation.

The gears of a moving wall.
That would survive any brawl.
This whole story seems delirious.
But im actually dead serious.

The weight of the bass and the resonating... Incredible effect. Songs can be interpreted in any way possible... But this one ,I mean, I can only picture it as a humongous truth. Something that could easily implies the end of this way of living (end of this world) or something between life and death. The awesomeness of the moment whit adrenaline. For those who can bear it and react of course...

...Just waves after waves of what every one tough to be impossible happening again and again... Wish I could do a better review do... XD I don't feel like I gave enough to give credit to your work!

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Medieval Rave Medieval Rave

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow first play, first post its an honor! Really its an amazing remix... It flows fluently. I think were you got it best was actually at the transition of 0,40 sec. When it started to climb up till the very climax to break and kept it till the very end. That was truly my favorite part of this entire piece!

Looking up at the sky
Staying on standby
We get back to earth
And start proving ower worth!

Yep its a new take, a new world, a new adventure and its ower duty to explore every corners of it!
Knight, intrepid travelers or even simple idiots! They will all go and see the life above this wall...

Slow Motion Pondering Slow Motion Pondering

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

At dusk in nigh
High in the sky
Driven of loath
Regretting sloth...

To planning
Follow the brush of the painting.

Beautiful... And what Ninj4X said below me.

FooRight responds:

That was actually really touching. Thank you!

World map World map

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What's your game called? And is there any chance we might see it one day?

That is all I needed to say.

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-Swirl!- -Swirl!-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like it, remembers me of the jumper.
Its like turning disc on the mood.
Not really sure , what I just said. Hope it means good.
Still I feel like going around the world for wonders ;)

Just this kind of music that calls travel.
I want to say what a beautiful day outside...

Again your tunes a this certain ring to it water! Almost every single music you make is full of life and joy! It kind of makes me regret the fact summer is ending. It as this nostalgic fell to it... At this point I can even say its day time! My window shows other wise, yet somewhere in the world one in a trillion must have gotten the luck to actually live this. Hard to believe, but your next music is more likely to be greater then this!

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