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Posted by buzze828 - December 28th, 2015

Lazy not producing anything to the community. Hey everyone as its ways of helping might has well take your time to do it right.


Happy new year to everyone. Eat alot, sleep alot, I guess just watch bad movies or classics. As long as you have fun where your from. 

Posted by buzze828 - June 12th, 2015

Freerice.com each correct answer is about 10 grain of rice to feed someone else.


Seems to good to be true, but story seems to check out. They use the adds to pay for the food. Each question is a page refresh therefore they can show more adds.


Pretty interesting mechanism and fun to play!

Posted by buzze828 - January 8th, 2015

I am to lazy and to esily distracted to accomplish any thing... Curse me and my short track mind!


On the up side I improved on a lot of problems this year and made many people smile in real life! I am a philosophe and a Scientist at heart. I just wish I could do more... Sadly I cannot own every talent.

Posted by buzze828 - October 24th, 2013

Here is the story.

Across the mountain lands.
Over shadows and the sand
Hiding from all you see.
Lies, the forgotten sea!

This is a map!
Or maybe its a trap?
It can guide us to this tale
Living on a large scale!

Gather your crew.
Brave the demons!
We forgot, Sir captain Mons!

We came back for im
But we only found a hobo...
He had the captains logo
So we brought im on a whim.

The second day
Was delayed
It took so long
That we got drunk and made this song!

This is more or less the intro idea from goofing off in the poem. Still I was intrigued and I tough it would be fun to get more details in it.

Ended up whit this:
Boat name is: The Thunder Goat ( they are mostly goat farmers in crew and they will have thunders of applause... maybe)
Crew is composed currently of: 6 farmers, 1 guard who once killed a fox, 1 magician, 1 bearded dude (That's all we know... No one knows what he does) And the captain is qualified as a ''Hobo'' among the crew.

That's a crew of 10 people on board so they might stay like this to avoid management problems, some might die, and there can be some hired in the future. Numbers can varies still its how it will begin.

Every thing about names can change im actually brainstorming a bunch of hilarious situation to help me give them nicknames . Im looking forward to ideas especially since the crew got to be unique, so im giving them personality's and some out side interaction could be interesting. Would think differently and could bring more hilarity in chaos!

Give out your opinion on what the crew should be called please. I might look into that and I will see If I need to do something out of it later!

Posted by buzze828 - April 25th, 2013

Im starting to feel a little bad becose i don't participate in the sharing of my stuff, but heck im not obligated to! Im a scientist, philosoph and a poet! But sadly there is no place on newground for those... So i just share my knowledge in reviews. I don't realy know how to draw or make a movie and even i i know i would learn crazy fast i just don't take the time to.

Posted by buzze828 - February 26th, 2013

Well i finaly got me a picture. Its not much but its still better than tank man... Im finaly starting to draw what i dont do alot of, but hey im geting better realy fast.

I made this and i call it sleeper. Its an entire world waiting to be created and born this is why! Sadly i did the block in the image and i think its inds of ruin it a little...

Starting the drawing board

Posted by buzze828 - May 14th, 2012

i decided to give my self a challege!
I decided to make poems to all the review i find awsome! Ad the idea from pirats of the nigth toon.
Whas so good i created it instantly! So since im good at it im gonna make plenty of poems.

(im gonna be different as the poetic speaker)